The SWAEVOLUTION started when two individuals who  love the action sport and urban lifestyle scene sat down to discuss what impact could a fantastic watch have in this diverse world we live in. After extensive research and failed experimental attempts with laboratory monkeys the two came down to the conclusion that in order for it to even be classified as a fantastic watch, it had to have a nice shape, vivid colors and a name that would wake the dead….

After days of reading dictionaries, thesauruses and an undisclosed amount of wikipedia articles, the two were stuck at a standstill. We designed a fantastic watch with a shape that truly makes it our own and even came up with colors that would make the people at pantone very proud but... what do we call it?

Finally after numerous cups of white chocolate mocha lattes, one of the individuals came up with a thought… "These are very unique and different interchangeable watches with a shape that would make a nerd red carpet worthy…. but note…. interchangeable…. When you wake up in the morning, get out of bed, do 10 push-ups followed by drinking a protein shake.. you take a shower, get dressed, then sway back and forth deciding on which watch you want to wear…. so lets call the watch Sway!" The other individual was extremely thrilled about the name and was all for it.

So now, the company had a watch that finally passed its test with laboratory monkeys wearing denim jeans, had a watch with a great shape to it with vivid colors and a name that would truly wake the dead and grow hair back on Bruce Willis' head…. But one of the individuals hit his head skateboarding on his way to the administration building to register the name and accidentally wrote it down as SWAE… But hey…… you can't say that the name doesn't stick!